Gcam apk for huawei

En XDA se ha puesto un enlace en un hilo para la descarga de la cámara de Google GCAM para los Huawei que funciona en los Honor 10 y no se necesita ser root ni para su instalación ni funcionamiento.

NOTE: We will update the best available Gcam APK. So, make sure to recheck the post. SEE ALSO: Download Best Huawei Y9 & Y9 Prime EMUI themes. STEP 2 - After downloading the APK, install it like any other third-party app. STEP 3 - After installing the Gcam on Huawei Y9, Y9 Prime 2019 . Open the Google Camera app. STEP 4 -How Google Camera [GCam] Working With Huawei P30 Pro. The GCam app is exclusive for the Pixel devices that Made by Google. But this is the GCam port which is working with any other non-pixel devices. So this version is exclusively working for any Huawei devices which are based on Kirin chipsets. Some ported apps are working on only rooted devices.
Google Camera is a camera application for HDR+, AR stickers and Night Sight feature. The advanced software API brings enhanced camera performance, which makes it possible to improve the picture quality of other companies' smartphones. Tips to install the Google Camera app on your device: OnePlus 7T: Step 1. First, allow the installation of the […]

Ya puedes instalar la cámara de Google GCam en tu móvil Huawei ... Problemas del APK Google Camera para Honor y Huawei. No es oro todo lo que reluce, y menos si hablamos de procesador Kirin ...

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Gcam apk for huawei

Gcam 7.2 for Huawei P30 lite. Google Camera 7.2 Apk Download There are lots of improvements you can find in this version, better low light image, portrait mode image quality improved, better image processing, although the is not available in the Google Play Store. you have to download from our site, download link of Google Camera apk down below.

Oct 15, 2019 · Take this GCam port for the Redmi Note 7 as an example. The developer first needs to grab the APK file from the source. The source of these Google Camera applications are from one of the various Google Pixel phones. When Google compiles these apps they are made to work on the hardware they are designed to ship on. Dec 25, 2018 · How to install Download Huawei Music APK To get started, download the APK file using Play Store or APKMirror Downloader. Next, go to the File Location. Open the file and install the app and you are done 😉
One of the amazing apps from Google is the Google Camera GCam Apk which is one of the best camera apps for Android phones. Although this app is present only in the Pixel devices, now it is ported to many other devices as well.

Download Google Camera GCAM 7.1 Apk For All Android Phones from the Google Pixel 4 (XL) Today I'm introducing a GCam for all Xiaomi MI devices that too without root and unlocking bootloader and too without enabling camera 2 API.

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